All about AI

Back-end process

FanZmedia is developing an online platform that can be fully implemented in the website of professional sports clubs by means of a white label API.
By smartly connecting the platform to the online and offline channels of the club, we increase traffic to the website and income from the fan shop.The videos are pre-recorded and personalized using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Available in seconds, 24 hours a day.


Webshop buy
Website visit
(Online) advertisement
Physical store visit
Stadium tour

2. Call to action

Suprise someone with a personalized message of one of the [ professional soccer club ] players for only €5,-

3. Activation api

Open white label page within fanshop. 

Choose language

4. Choose your message

5. Choose your player

7. Confirmation

Message: happy birthday
Player: Player A
Name receiver: Tom
Age receiver: 12 years 

9. Payment completed

Activiation API

Payment via webshop [ professional soccer club ]. Monthly invoicing based on number of activated videos

11. personal video

Hi Tom! How are you? Player A here, one of the soccer players from your favorite team, FanZmedia. I heard it’s your birthday. 12 years already, congratulations! Have a nice day ….

Age-appropriate background and music

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